This sections lists the biggest changes done on each release.

Release 0.5

  • fix mass_update bug that caused all records in a table to be updated (thanks @jht001)
  • Added timezone support to csv and xls export

Release 0.4

Release 0.3

Release 0.2

Release 0.1

to be used by custom code * New exported filename callback for easy customize the filename ( see Filename callbacks) * New registration shortcut add_to_site() * New action: Merge Records * Fixed #9 * Added Permissions * New signals: adminaction_requested, adminaction_start, adminaction_end

Release 0.0.4

Release 0.0.3

  • added demo project

Release 0.0.2

  • name changed from django-actions to django-adminactions

Release 0.0.1

  • first relase